Diploma of Dr. TCM

Doctor of TCM Diploma Program (Pending Legislative Approval)

This program includes advanced studies in acupuncture and TCM in oncology, gerontology, psychology, acupuncture detoxification and herbal medicine, presented with modern clinical research in TCM. Therapeutic modalities to treat modern Western medical diseases are taught, including psychiatric disorders. Preventative medicine is underscored.

This is a 5-year diploma program, however, acupuncture diploma program graduates and practicing acupuncturists may apply for this diploma and achieve it with two years of advanced training in specialized fields of diagnosis, treatment, and herbal medicine formulas.  Students may intern in a hospital in China.

This program is also available to registered acupuncturists. 

Five Year Doctor of TCM Program 


During the first three years students are enrolled in the Acupuncture Diploma Program. The final two years consist of advanced studies and clinical applications in TCM, for a total of 3,600 hours. 

Duration and Schedule for Years 1, 2 and 3: Please see the Acupuncture Diploma Program.

Duration and Schedule for Years 4 and 5: 1400 hours total, 700 hours per year, 35 weeks per year, 20 hours per week broken down into classroom/research and clinical modules. The classroom/research module runs every second weekend. Clinical modules are conducted over the weeks between the classroom/research modules. Advanced studies in the Dr. TCM Program includes gynaecology, gerontology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, psychology, acupuncture techniques, herbology (working with loose herbs) and internal medicine.

Dr. of TCM Program - Continuing Education for Registered Acupuncturists
Dr. of TCM Program is delivered as a two year program of advanced studies and clinical applications to registered acupuncturists with the same duration and schedule as years 4 and 5 of the five year Dr. TCM Program.