The 2nd Traditional Chinese Medicine International Forum Canada

Dr.Diana Tong Li is attending the 2nd Traditional Chinese International Forum Canada 2016!!!
   At this conference she is building relationships with all of the TCM Colleges and Universities, as they are all sharing their resources and learning from each other. One of these Universities is also celebrating their 60th Anniversary and they are one of the oldest and most famous Traditional Chinese Medicine University in the world, which is Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. They have alumni all over the world, and Dr.Diana Tong Li is the Vice President of the Alumni association in Canada. She is in Vancouver now building a better relationship with the leaders of Guangzhou University so that our students will have the opportunity to travel there and study for their Masters Degree or PHD in Acupuncture.   
The 2nd Traditional Chinese Medicine
International Forum Canada 2016
Canada Anti-Cancer Rehabilitation Association (CACRA), Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists Society (TCMP&AcS), Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of BC (ATCMA) and Guangzhou University of TCM Alumni Society of West Canada (GUTCMASWC) co- hosted the 1st Canadian International Seminar of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cancer Prevention and Treatment which was successfully held in last September. Several well-known oncologists were invited from mainland China to communicate and share the most updated oncology treatment strategies at the Seminar with the medical practitioners from local and those from East Canada, the UK, Hong Kong and Macao. The organizers are going to held 2nd Traditional Chinese Medicine International Forum Canada 2016 on September 24-25 that will mainly invite experts and professors from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The themes will focus on clinical application of Shang Han Lun Formulas, acupuncture treatment for complicated diseases and the development and education of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.
Date: September 24th-25th (Saturday & Sunday)
Time:10 am ﹣ 6 pm
Location:  Executive Airport Plaza Hotel (Westminster Room)
7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC
Content summary:
Speech by Prof. Wang Sheng Liang PhD, Chancellor of Guangzhou University of TCM: Development of TCM International Education;
Speech by Dr. Xu Neng Gui PhD, vice-president of Guangzhou University of TCM: Strategic Plans in the Treatment for Complicated Diseases by Acupuncture;
Featured series of lecture by Prof. Huang Shi Pei: Clinical Applications of Shang Han Lun Classics Formulas;
Lecture by Prof. Li Tong Ming on Clinical Application of Jue Yin & Zong Qi Theory for Cancer Treatment;
Lecture by Prof. Tang, Chun Zhi on Moxibustion for Fatigue Syndrome;
Lecture by Dr. Zhang Ai Na on Treatment Strategies for Infertility;
Speech by Dr. Li Can Hui PhD on Development of Precision Medicine and TCM
Lecture by Prof. Li Sai Mei on Treating Diabetes Using TCM Classics Formulas
September 24th (Saturday)
Time:  7 - 10 pm
Location:Floata Seafood Restaurant 180 Keefer St, Vancouver
Content:   Gala dinner; Celebration on the 60th Anniversary of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
   Establishing ceremony of the Guangzhou UTCM Alumni Society of Canada
1.    Members:             CAD $250.00;  $180.00 (early bird before August 15th)
2.  Non-members:      CAD $350.00; $250.00 (early bird before August 15th)
3. International:        USD $400.00; USD $300.00 (early bird before August 15th)
All prices include admission to two days forum, CE certificate and Gala ticket.
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